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Last update 23 / 01 / 2018

National Statistical Data Program “Masdar”

Masdar” is an ambitious program that is implemented by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) to build a comprehensive national statistical database in which all statistical data from different internal and external sources are collected to produce the classifications, indicators and analyses needed by data users and analysts inside and outside GaStat to be used as a statistical reference to support decision making and different developments plans.

Program Objectives:
The main objective of this program is to build national statistical databases in GaStat based on statistical data collected from all government entities producing statistical data, “Data Sources”, to serve the statistical needs of the Kingdom and users of statistical data from government agencies, private sector, international organizations, research institutions and data users in general, thereby linking the "Producer" and the "Consumer" to statistical data.
How are preliminary data extracted?
The preliminary data needed by the program are obtained through linking GaStat with 33 government agencies from ministries, authorities, and establishments owning and producing statistical data. These data are gathered in the form of usable information in an integrated information system that supports the decision making for ministries and decision makers in Saudi Arabia. It also provides a comprehensive and homogeneous communication mechanisms for users to view data and make decisions.
What are the benefits of the program?
One of the expected benefits of the program is that it will strengthen the capacity of government agencies to deliver its statistical data by forming a link between data producers and users through the adoption of statistical data sharing platforms “SDMX” and the delivery of data to decision makers in different government agencies who will be able to analyse and implement business decisions based on ready information based on data collected from different sources and consolidated into a single database.
Statistical Products:
  1. Interactive statistical data portal: 
    The main portal which contains statistical indicators and metadata is grouped and classified in interactive graphical interfaces and charts that can be customized by user, reviewed and downloaded in multiple formats including Excel and PDF.
  2. Smart phone applications for statistical indicators:
    Applications on smart phones and tablets for interactive statistical indicators with direct contact between smart devices users and GaStat. It displays the most prominent statistical indicators and provides the possibility of interaction with users.
  3. Data Exchange with the beneficiaries:
    Data and metadata exchange service with relevant agencies through the SDMX standard form for data exchange, to meet the needs of data exchange between producers and users and regulate the relationship between them in the exchange of data and indicators.
  4. Interactive Data Portal for Entities:
    An interactive electronic portal for data beneficiary entities. It contains indicators of sector/entity, classified in interactive graphical interfaces containing statistical indicators and metadata through tables and charts.
  5. Self-service indicator builder:
    Self-service for data through which the user builds his data and charts by selecting the data he needs from the lists displayed by the system, create new indicators from the available statistical data, and save the indicators in the private portal of each user.  

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