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Usage Policy

Usage policy:

Welcome to the e-portal of the General Authority for Statistics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the only official reference of statistical work implementation, and technical supervisor and organizer of it.

Dear visitor/user, please be informed that your visit or use of this portal is subject to the usage policy as follows:


1. General terms:

  • Your entry and use of this portal is subject to these terms of use and the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Likewise, your access and entry to this portal is an unconditional approval of the terms of use whether you are a registered user or not. This approval is effective from the date of your first use of this portal.
  • The usage policy is subject to continuous updates and changes as needed, and any amendment or update of any of its terms becomes effective immediately upon its approval by the portal administration, which requires you to continuously review the usage policy to know any updates made to it, as your continued use of this portal means your full knowledge and acceptance For any amendment to the terms of use, note that the portal administration is not required to announce any updates to these terms.
  • Some indicators are subject to special policies defined by the concerned statistical department, which will then be included in the index page and replace these terms of use.
  • The General Authority for Statistics reserves the right to amend the content of this portal at any time without announcing it in advance.
  • The official website of the General Authority for Statistics https://www.stats.gov.sa


2. Copy right

  • The General Authority for Statistics gives the portal users the right – on their own responsibility- to use any available material on the portal including the following:
  • Copy, distribute, re-use, build upon, or derive from the material.
  • Edit material and use them for commercial or non-commercial purposes. 
  • Use and
  • Use and citation of material among other publications with commitment to include reference to this data use policy.
  • Portal materials are considered GASTAT right; users of these materials must indicate their source.
  • In case GASTAT gives any of its rights indicated within these provisions in any place or event that does not mean that GASTAT will give automatically and permanently any of its rights in another places and events.
  • All portal’s contents from software to information are protected according to the Saudi laws of publishing rights, trademarks, property rights and other laws.


3. Use of portal’s contents:

  • Conclusions found by visitors / users from the data and materials available on the General Authority for Statistics portal shall reflect their own opinions and do not reflect GASTAT opinion.
  • Reliability of the official statistical number published by the General Authority for Statistics must be considered, and that different results may be due to different methodologies and analysis criteria by the user.
  • Any unauthorized use of the portal may lead to a claim for compensation for damages and / or may form a criminal offense.
  • It is forbidden to use the material published on the electronic portal of the General Authority for Statistics for political purposes or to support illegal or criminal activity or in racist or discriminatory comments or fanning or negative impact on culture or incitement or any illegal activity or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


4. Links from and to GASTAT’s portal:

  • Links of the General Authority of Statistics portal can be shared in any other sites that do not conflict in its objectives and general orientation with the goals, policies and frameworks of the electronic portal of the General Authority for Statistics.
  • GASTAT portal is not in any way considered participating or connected in any way to any signs, logos, commercial or service symbols or any other means used or appearing on the websites linked to this portal or any of its contents.
  • GASTAT has the right to stop and prevent any link from any site that contains inappropriate, offensive,  illegal matters, names, materials, or information that violate any of the rights protected under the regulations.
  • GASTAT  has the right to disable any unauthorized link and does not bear any responsibility for the contents available on any other site accessed through this portal or access from this portal.


5 . Antivirus:

Huge efforts are made to check and test the contents of this portal at all stages of production. So, you are highly advised to always run an antivirus program every time you want to download materials from the internet. Therefore, we are not responsible for any loss, interruption or damage to your data, computer or any device used for your browsing that may occur while connecting to this portal or when using the material contained in it


6. Restriction of Use:

We may, at our absolute discretion, terminate, restrict, or stop your right to access and use the portal without a notice for reasons including violating the terms of use or for any other reason that we may deem, at our sole discretion, is unlawful or harmful to others. In the event of termination, you are not authorized to assess this portal


7. Compensation:

Acknowledgement of not taking any action against GASTAT or any of its departments. Moreover, GASTATand any entities, employees or agents responsible for managing, maintaining, or updating GASTAT’Sportal shall be compensatedand secured from obligations and responsibilities that may arise regarding any claim arising out due to your breach of the terms of use or any of the laws in force either inSaudi Arabia or in any place you reside in


8. Confidentiality of user’s information:

GASTAT undertakes that any information received from the user through this portal will be strictly kept confidential.


9. Judicial Reference:

All disputes related to the use of this portal shall be submitted exclusively to the judicial authorities in Saudi Arabia. Arabic language will be the official language used to resolve any disputes arising from your use of this portal or any of its contents.

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