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Targeted category

Providing data and services Detailed statistics with added value in a commercial manner

Detailed data and statistics with added value, which the Commission through the Academy based on data and preliminary statistics.

All customers except government agencies

Statistical advisory services

  • Revising or designing a plan to implement statistical work
  • Revising or preparing parts of a statistical work (such as improving a methodology, designing a sample, withdrawing a sample, designing or revising a questionnaire, analyzing data, and the like)
  • Implementing statistical work or part of it
  • Preparing or revising a study or report.

All clients

Statistical training services

  • Holding training programs to develop statistical knowledge
  • Preparing educational material on statistical topics
  • Preparing statistical portfolios and granting certified certificates.

All clients

Organizational services to practice statistical work

  • Licensing institutions to publish data, information, and indicators by using modern technologies
  • Licensing private establishments that practice statistical work        


Private entities


  • Licensing individuals who practice statistical work



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