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Activating statistical units

About the Program and its Importance to Saudi Arabia’s Statistical Sector

The program’s key objective is to activate the administrative statistical units of the whole statistical sector by offering the required technical, technological and human units, to secure maximum benefit from the stored data and information; after minute processing and transforming them into stats and indicators, then use them within Saudi Arabia’s statistical endeavor.

Program’s Main Objectives:

  1. Meet the requirements of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision, and Saudi Arabia’s regional and international statistical data and information commitments.
  2. Attain integration and coordination across the national statistical endeavor.
  3. Unify statistical classifications, definitions and methodologies according to the international standards.
  4. Build up and train the national statistical capacities.
  5. Improve governance and administrative organization across all statistical units.
  6. Develop the Hi-Tech infrastructure of statistical units.

GASTAT Role in Setting Up/Activating a Statistical Unit in Government Agencies:

  1. Planning and Supervising
  2. Empowering and Training
  3. Enhancement

Government Agencies’ Role in Setting Up/Activating a Statistical Unit in Government Agencies:

  1. Organizational and Administrative works.
  2. Statistical Works
  3. Technological Works


Statistical Support Service Paths in Stats Academy​


Set up a statistical unit

Activate and develop a statistical unit

Emerging statistical units

Ready statistical units

Mature statistical units


Status quo Analysis

Status quo Analysis

Status quo Analysis


Training and Development

Capacity boosting and development

Capacity building



Organizational, technical and manpower consultations

Data and indicators

Specialized statistics

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