21 Feb 2024

Last update 2 / 06 / 2016

Statistical Yearbook

The Annual Statistical Yearbook is one of the most important annual statistical bulletins being issued by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat). The first issue was published in 1385 A.H., (1965 A.D), and contained statistical data for the various activities of the government and non-government agencies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Annual Statistical Yearbook is considered the main reference for the researchers and those who are responsible for undertaking the future planning policies for all various sectors in the kingdom. In preparing the chapters of the Yearbook, GaStat depends on two basic sources: the results of field surveys and studies conducted by GaStat, and the Statistical data coming to GaStat from the statistical Departments in the various government agencies. The Annual Statistical Yearbook's first issue included 9 chapters, each of which contains detailed data available at GaStat. These chapters are: (Weather Conditions, Education, Health, Social Services, Agriculture, Petroleum, Transportation & Communications, Trade, Industry and Finance). GaStat updates these data continuously up to the latest issue No. 51 which included 15 chapters (Weather Conditions, Population & Housing, Education & Training, Health, Social Services, Social insurance, Transportation & Communications, Energy & Water, Labor Market, Prices and Index Numbers, Financial, Monetary Affairs & National Accounts, Industry, Agriculture & Fishing, Trade (Internal & External) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


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