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Last update 21 / 11 / 2017

The Statistician Visit through the Process of Updating the Enumeration Areas in the Regions of Medina and Tabuk

the process of updating the enumeration areas in the regions of Medina and Tabuk will start on Monday Safar 10th,1439 (October 30th, 2017) and it will continue for 20 days. The field works will end on Saturday 29th,1439 (November 18th, 2017). The information that will be provided by the household in the process of updating the enumeration areas are: 1- the data of each individual of the household: full name – national identification number – place of residence – relation to household head ¬¬– gender – age – date of birth – place of birth – type of disability, if any. 2- education data:  educational status – qualification – major. 3- marital status: single – married – divorced – widowed. 4- work status of the indivisual: paid or unpaid work – employer – self-employed worker – job seeker and never been employed – enrolled in education or training – dedicated to housework – retired – others – main profession – the main economic activity of the employer – the sector of the entity – 5- accommodation data: type of accommodation – building material – space of accommodation - type of accommodation according to residence – parts of the accommodation – type of ownership – source of electricity – source of water – sanitation – 6- deaths data of the household during last year. 
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