18 Jun 2024

Last update 23 / 11 / 2017

What is the legal authority by which GASTAT abides for conducting the Economic Indicators Survey?

According to the general statistics law issued by the cabinet, GASTAT is the official agency entitled to carry out surveys and statistics. All information and data given by the citizen, resident or establishment are kept and dealt with in absolute secrecy.
According to cabinet decree no. (11) of 13/1/1437H, the organization of GASTAT has been approved as follows:

  1. GASTAT enjoys the public legal personality and has financial and administrative independence.
  2. GASTAT has an independent budget issued by a royal decree.
  3. Establishing a board of directors that has the dominant power to manage GASTAT affairs under the chairmanship of the economy and planning minister and with the membership of (15) governmental and private sector agencies from the most important partners to GASTAT in the statistical work.
  4. GASTAT is the statistics authority and the only official reference for conducting the statistical work and its technical supervisor and organizer.
  5. Forming a permanent coordinating committee to coordinate the statistical work between GASTAT and related agencies.
  6. Creating a central data system in GASTAT at the national level which is automatically connected with all bodies in concern.
  7. GASTAT can offer statistical services, conduct surveys, prepare researches and statistical studies and provide data to private establishments and business sector in a commercial style subject to fees and charges. It can make use of its financial revenues in funding and developing statistical and information services.

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