16 Jun 2024

Last update 20 / 09 / 2017

Household Spending and Income Survey form

Household Spending and Income Survey is one of the basic surveys that helps study social and economic levels of households, and measure the community welfare. Household spending and income patterns give an accurate perception of the living standards of the study community.
Household data are collected by having the researcher pay visits to the household during the month. Population and housing data are collected on the first visit. Data about spending are collected during the four weeks of the month and data about income are collected on the last visit.

Survey form includes questions regarding the household spending and income. The form consists of 8 main sections as follows: 

  1. The form cover
  2. Housing Characteristics
  3. Demographic characteristics 
  4. General questions & Household usual place for shopping
  5. Daily spending
  6. Monthly spending
  7. Spending on durable goods
  8. Income

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