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Last update 8 / 09 / 2021

Household Health Survey Mechanism, Methodology, and Fieldwork Timeframe

GASTAT launched the Household Health Survey for 2017 with a view to obtaining important health indicators that meet the local, regional, and international requirements as well as the requirements of planners, developmental policy-makers and decision-makers regarding health data and reflecting the real image of the development taking place in the health field in KSA.
The survey's field work starts on 4/11/2017 and ends on 8/12/2017, targeting 24120 households and is conducted annually on a regular basis.
The survey covers all the thirteen administrative regions by using a sample of households in every region in a way that is representative of the community. The sample will be taken based on the updated framework of the population and houses census for year 1431AH (2010).

GASTAT relies in conducting the survey on the royal decree no. 23 for 7/12/1379AH, which gives GASTAT the authority to conduct different surveys and statistical researches. The information is kept in secrecy at GASTAT and is only used for statistical purposes.
The Household Health Survey is conducted in nine stages as follows:

  1. Scope: Identifying the statistical requirements, and determining possible solutions
  2. Design: Designing all subsequent steps of the statistical process.
  3. Organization: Preparing and testing all statistical work procedures
  4. Collection: Data collection and verification.
  5. Categorization: Data processing for converting data from initial data to statistical data.
  6. Review: Results verification and explanation.
  7. Publishing Preparing outputs for publishing
  8. Evaluation: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of the statistical process.
  9. Administration: Administering all steps of the statistical process continuously.

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