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Last update 13 / 11 / 2017

General terminology and definitions used in manpower survey



Administrative region

It is part of Saudi Arabia and is run by a government agency affiliated with the interior ministry such as Riyadh, Makkah al-Mukarama, etc. Each region has a capital city.


It is part of the administrative region and is considered the first administrative level inside the administrative region i.e. Al-Kharaj province is part of Riyadh region.


The administrative entity reports to a governorate such as al-Dilam municipality of Al-Kharj Governorate. Others report directly to the Emirate headquarter such as Irqah which reports directly to Riyadh. Some municipalities report to other municipalities like Uyaynah of Halat Ammar in Tabuk region.

Populated locality

A static population cluster such as a city, village or a farm, or non-static like cluster around a water source.


It is every populated area that has a municipality or has a population of more than 5,000.

Region - Alley

It is part of the city that includes a number of buildings, streets and roads, has a name and is surrounded by main streets separating it from other regions. Regions across the city have been given numbers starting with 001 and ending with the number of the last region in the city. Divisions of regions have been endorsed according to the divisions adopted by the secretariats or municipalities of cities.


It is a statistical division used for the purpose of census in cities. It's a geographical space that forms a part of the region and is often surrounded by main streets from all sides. Sectors across the region have been given numbers starting with 01 and ending with the number of the last sector in the region.

Count area

It is a statistical division that forms a geographical space that includes a number of buildings and houses, where an average of 150 households live. It's considered the unit of initial inspection


It is a geographical space surrounded by streets from all sides. It has one or a number of adjacent buildings without any streets separating them. The block could be of a square, rectangular, circular of irregular shape as the case in old regions. It could also be a wasteland. The blocks have been given serial numbers that start with 001 and end with the last number of a block in the sector.


It is every structure on the ground and it could have one or many floors, rooms and entrances. It could be populated or unpopulated. And it could be prepared for living or for practicing any kind of economic, social or religious activity such as a residential building, a villa, a government institution, a hospital or a mosque. Buildings across the block have been given serial numbers.


It's a unit that is made up from one or many rooms that are being inhabited by one household. The house can be used by more than household and can be used by an institution. For the purpose of the census, every place inhabited by a household is considered a house even if it is not originally prepared for living such as shops, workshops and schools. Villas, apartments, tents and shacks are considered kinds of houses.

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