04 Oct 2023

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Use of maps in manpower survey

Maps have a major importance in distributing the field work among researchers and recognizing the border of alleys and sectors, the numbers of blocks, defining the locations of housing units and helping researchers to easily locate them, which helps save a lot of efforts in locating the sampled housing units.

Each researcher will be equipped with maps for his region in the cities that highlight the border of alleys and sectors and numbers of blocks. The border of alleys has been colored yellow, while the border of sectors is colored intermittent orange.

In villages, the researcher will be provided with a map that shows the border of alleys and numbers of buildings. The map is very important in highlighting the content of the targeted area and in locating housing units and targeted households. The researcher will be given a map for each region that falls within his work area and the researcher will have to recognize his work area, its border, the blocks within and targeted households. Main features have been put in place to help guide the researcher in his work.

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