18 Jun 2024

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

General instructions for manpower survey researchers

1-Choosing the right time for the household visit

2-Researcher introduces himself to household, explains his mission and shows his General Authority card

3-No discussion of personal issues or citing information of other households

4-Asking questions for the household in an easy and polite way

5-Abiding by the form of questions set by the Authority without shortening or amending them.

6-Keenness on getting the right and accurate answers from the responder and don't propose or suggest answers to him.

7-Taking the full time while asking questions without being in a hurry to wrap up the interview

8-Abiding by instructions in the training booklet

9-Researcher registers data according to instructions of the data collection methods and making sure of filling in all fields before leaving the household

10-Making sure of the accuracy and logic of answers before writing them in the tablet

11-Abiding by the set times for field and office work

12-Maintaining the secrecy of data and not allow anyone to have a look on information of others

13-Researcher must thank the household for their cooperation at the end of his visit

14-If the researcher finds out that the household is unavailable, he has to repeat his visit during the days of the survey. If the household did not appear, he must write that the household is temporarily unavailable in field 6.

15-Daily field and office review must be done immediately

16-Devices must be given to the inspector after making sure that all information and final reviews have been made

17-Remember that the royal decree that gives you the right to collect data makes you responsible in the following cases:

-Negligence in data accuracy

-Deliberate mistakes


-Non-abidance by the secrecy of information

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