22 May 2024

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Importance of the Household Economy Survey for the Saudi Economy and Sustainable Development

Most countries show keen interest in providing official statistics on the economic and social indicators of the households on a regular, annual basis. Such statistics are meant to reflect the economic status of households, and provide indicators on the household's living standard.

Hence arises the need for a household economy survey, to provide accurate and comprehensive data that fulfill the needs of decision-makers, and other beneficiaries of such data (such as researchers) on the changes in the economic indicators measuring household status and behaviors over the years in KSA. The Survey is aimed to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To assist in developing study of the household economic status on a regular basis;
  2. To provide economic and social indicators and analyses on the households on an annual basis;
  3. To trace and assess changes in the economic and social indicators of households, and identify their consumer behavior;
  4. To provide information on the people's feedback on their living circumstances, and their conceptions of their future;
  5. To provide basic information to measure the influence of national programs and initiatives (the Saudi Vision 2030, etc) on the lives of households residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  6. To complement the economic and social surveys available at the General Authority of Statistics (GAStat), link them to one another, and make sure that the indicators and analyses necessary to measure the living circumstances of the households residing in KSA are available and accessible; and
  7. To study the discernible changes of a household over years, as a criterion against which to measure the changes brought about by NTP and the Saudi Vision 2030 Program on an annual basis.

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