21 Feb 2024

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Statistical knowledge

What is the legal basis according to which GASTAT is carrying out Households and Individuals ICT Access and Usage Survey?

According to the general statistics law issued by the cabinet, GASTAT is the official agency entitled to carry out surveys and statistics. All information and data given by the citizen, resident or establishment are kept and dealt with in absolute secrecy. In accordance with law No. 11 for 13/1/1437 AH issued by the Cabinet, it was approved to ...

Wages and Employment Survey Terminology

Age: Refers to the time span between the date of birth of the worker and the end of the survey time reference demonstrated in years while disregarding months whatever their number is.  Nationality: Refers to the legal accountability of the worker as for his belonging to a given country  Educational level: The highest educational certificate ...

Data Quality Control in Wages and Employment Survey

Quality control – done in conjunction with data collection – is one of key stages of implementing the economic surveys, when a fully automated system is adopted with certain regulations to control data entry, to find errors and notes on forms  or registers and to fix them under a supervisor after recurring to the establishment if necessary....

Employment and Wages Survey Form

First: Establishment Information Second: Details of the workers during the time reference Third: Details of the vacant jobs for potential workers during the time reference IV: Details of the future jobs during the financial year 2017/2018