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Last update 19 / 09 / 2017

What are missions and duties of field workers?

The field work of updating data and information of the directory of services in cities and villages of the kingdom is different from other field works conducted by GASTAT from time to time, whether researches, household surveys, establishment researches in terms of bodies (statistical units) from where data of the directory are taken as the governmental bodies and agencies in all regions of the kingdom are the administrative units from where the directory data are collected. The team is composed of a supervisor, a deputy supervisor and a group of inspectors from GASTAT employees, whose numbers are defined based on the size of work, the number of administrative units and nature of the geographical region.
 Before starting the field work and after selecting supervisors, deputy supervisors and inspectors (employees) who will participate in collecting the directory data, they are centrally trained at GASTAT headquarters in Riyadh to do the job. They visit the related administrative units, review data and information of the directory and its content of educational, health, social, agricultural, administrative and public services with officials and specialists in the related agencies and handle notes taken during the office work. Missions and duties of the field workers can be summarized as follows:
Missions and duties of supervisors and his deputy:

  1. Attending the training program set for this process
  2. Receiving all tools and publications necessary for work in his work area
  3. Communicating with officials in the emirate of the administrative region, explaining his mission and asking for circulating an order to provinces, affiliated centers and government agencies in the region to facilitate the mission of GASTAT employees 
  4. Distributing fieldwork areas to inspectors
  5. Following up the field work and reviewing daily achievements with inspectors  
  6. Making sure that every work group has accomplished their missions and duties properly
  7. Reviewing work with inspectors after accomplishing the field work to make sure of its accuracy and comprehensiveness
  8. Preparing a report about his mission and delivering it to the Department of Government Services Statistics and Geographical Statistics 
  9. Handing over work to the Department of Government Services Statistics and Geographical Statistics

Inspector's missions and duties:

  1. Attending the training program set for this process.
  2. Receiving work from the area inspector
  3. Visiting all related bodies (administrative units) set for the inspector and compiling required data and information properly
  4. Reviewing and verifying all services in the services directory of his work area with officials in the administrative headquarters (emirate, province, center) and related government agencies with a view to updating services and completing new services
  5. Finding appropriate solutions for notes taken during the office updating of the directory in his work area by communicating with related administrations and agencies according to type of notes.
  6. Carrying ID card issued by GASTAT and showing it to officials in related governmental bodies and agencies
  7. The inspector must make sure that all his works have been accomplished properly
  8. Filling the report form of the field visit to the administrative headquarters in his work area
  9. Delivering work by the end of the fieldwork after it is reviewed by inspector

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