15 Jun 2024

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Reports and Forms Instructions in Household Energy Survey

1. Reports:
As well as the energy statistics department, the supervisor and inspector will be able to access on the system the daily production of working groups (surveyor, inspector, supervisor). Likewise, they will be immediately updated with the progress of field work to estimate the remaining workload and to ensure its timely completion.

2. Resurvey Form :
This form is intended for the supervisor and inspector’s help in field follow-up, through taking a sample of the surveyor’s work, filling in the form with the household’s data, going down into the field, having the same data re-entered, comparing both answers and adding notes on discrepancies if any. Before resurveying a household, the supervisor or inspector should declare that he is only following-up surveyors to ensure proper performance of their duties as instructed.

3. Final Desk Audit Form:
After surveyors finish collecting data from all households within supervision areas, the inspector desk-audits the households’ data daily in his own area of operation and the supervisor pre-audits the data according to the survey timetable, the final desk audits start before final delivery of the database; using the “Final Desk-Audit Form” for household energy survey. All inspectors and surveyors receive such a form where each inspector is respectively responsible for auditing all the form entries.
The desk audit lasts for several days according to the schedule of survey implementation. The inspector audits all form entries on the desk system. In case of errors, he desk-corrects them accordingly. If necessary, he may contact the house lord or visit the field validate and correct the data. After auditing the relevant entry, the inspector ticks it  in the check box. This applies to all entries. Then, he puts his name and signature. After that, he delivers the form to the supervisor or his deputy, who in turn validates the audit. Then he puts his name and signature, and delivers it to the energy statistics department.  


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