18 May 2024

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Statistical knowledge

Mechanism and methodology of conducting Government Services Survey

The services directory is prepared by getting data and information related to the services from their main sources, i.e. the administrative records of different government organs. These data and information are dumped and saved automatically, to be processed and reviewed,  in addition to giving  feedback, and having them classified by...

Form of Government Services Survey

It is a form through which statistical data are collected. Such data include geographical data, as well as educational, health, agricultural, administrative, and social information about each populated locality (city, village, etc.), as per the administrative division of the Kingdom, and the approved administrative regions system....

Data Quality Control in Governmental Services Survey

For ensuring data quality, the following has been taken: Using hand device (tablet) by inspector. Using the office device by supervisor and deputy supervisor Inclusion of field and office work rules on the hand and office devices to guarantee the work flow and the proper follow-up of work Easy review of data and outputs automatically    

Defining directory of services in cities and villages of the kingdom

Directory of services in cities and villages of the kingdom is a calculation of available services in the locality (cities - villages) whether educational, health, administrative, social, agricultural or public services. These services are calculated and distributed according to the administrative division of the kingdom.