04 Oct 2023

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Statistical knowledge

How is pilgrim’s enumeration done?

The General Authority for statistics (GaStat) is responsible for statistics and it is the only official reference for implementing, supervising and organizing statistical work. GaStat count pilgrims coming to Makkah and the Holy places using a statistical method depending on pilgrim’s arrival as follows:  

“Hajj Statistics Bulletin” 40 Major Statistical Outputs

The outputs of the annual statistical field work of the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) in the Hajj season is not limited to the announcing of the total official number of pilgrims only. GaStat has an important role in supporting the planning and development of pilgrims services by providing various government entities with accurate,...

Economic Indicators Survey form

Economic Indicators Survey form includes 5 main sections that are filled by using hand devices "tablet". The form includes:  Economic Activity  Average number of employees Worker compensations  Operating Expenses  Operating Revenues

Economic Indicators Survey mechanism, methodology, and fieldwork time reference

GASTAT launched the Economic Indicators Survey of 2017 with the purpose of periodically providing support in developing the study of characteristics and components of private and public sector institutions and the non-profit sector in all districts of the kingdom ...