15 Jun 2024

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Statistical knowledge

The importance of the Economic Indicators Survey for the Saudi economy and achieving sustainable development

To provide quarterly data on all economic activities for the purpose of preparing short-term indicators with a view to helping to identify the seasonal influence on the economic activities; To update the short-term economic data of each economic activity; To identify the seasonal change of workers in the economic activities; To identify the sea...

What is the survey scope in the Economic Indicators Survey?

It covers all the kingdom's administrative districts with giving a greater importance to cities given that they have nearly 84% of all establishments in the kingdom and are inhabited by nearly 91% of all workers in the kingdom.

What is the legal authority by which GASTAT abides for conducting the Economic Indicators Survey?

According to the general statistics law issued by the cabinet, GASTAT is the official agency entitled to carry out surveys and statistics. All information and data given by the citizen, resident or establishment are kept and dealt with in absolute secrecy....