15 Jun 2024

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Statistical knowledge

Data Quality Control in Persons with Disability Survey

Quality control – done in conjunction with data collection – is one of key stages of implementing the Persons with Disability Survey, when a fully automated system is adopted with certain regulations to control data entry, to find errors and notes on forms and to fix them under a supervisor after recurring to the household if necessary....

Household Persons with Disability Survey Form

The survey form contains 3 sections as follows: The fundamental data for persons with disability in household.  Educational and marital status. The characteristics of persons with disability in household 

The main uses of Persons with Disability Survey

Identifying the Persons with Disability Survey and distribution of the services for them according to the administrative regions.  Identifying the different disability categories particularly those included in the diagnosis question (in case there was a previous diagnosis of: Down syndrome or autism,). Identifying Persons with Disability charac...