21 Jun 2024

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Statistical knowledge

Umrah Survey Mechanism, Methodology, and Fieldwork Time frame

GASTAT conducted the Umrah Survey which is one of the sample field household surveys conducted in the field of social statistics and included in GASTAT surveys annual plan. The survey aims at enumerating the Umrah pilgrims from inside Saudi Arabia. Data in the survey were collected about the Umrah pilgrims disregarding their nationalities (Saudi...

Data Quality Control in Umrah Survey

Quality control – done in conjunction with data collection – is one of key stages of implementing Umrah survey, when a fully automated system is adopted with certain regulations to control data entry, to find errors and notes on forms and to fix them under a supervisor after recurring to the household if necessary....

Umrah Survey Form

The survey form contains 3 sections as follows: Details of the family members Performing Umrah  Expenditure and Transportation

The Importance of Umrah Survey and its Advantages for the Saudi Economy and Achieving Sustainable Development

The survey aims at providing new and updated indicators on the pilgrims through the following: ...